Solar Consulting Services

The solar industry is one ecosystem where not a lot of people are adept at telling the wrongs from the right, specifications and technicalities and the likes. That is when consulting comes in handy. We’re not just a maker of all things solar, but we’re that and more.

We’re educators

Variate Solar has a long-standing customer awareness programme and it’s something that’s very dear to us. It’s at the core of our work culture — wherein you come to us, speak your mind out and we’re all ears.

The idea is to get potential customers to know why they need to give us a chance to help sort their needs, and to do that without coercive means. Even if you’re only beginning to plan a system and are undecided about buying anything at all, drop a hi to us. We’d love to hear from you, and this is telling it for real.

A dedicated consulting team

At variate, consumer support is something we take at our utmost priorities. We have dedicated teams looking into this. They’re all experts in their field, and they’re to help you with whatever you need the answers to.

A long term consumer support

Buying something at our place isn’t just doing that alone — but building a connection for a dedicated consultation support for eternity. We come up with consultant solutions with live and recorded video sessions.

You can reach out to us for details about the accessories, setting up the system, or broken systems.

What do we provide consulting to?

We have something to say for just about anything — from what are the economics into play for the devices to the mechanisms that are behind them. Talk about how economical it would be to your usage or why solar is the way forward, in general. We seriously love questions, and love engagements more than that. 

So, come on and shoot your questions to our dedicated consumer support. You’re sure to walk out content with the session. Book one now.