EV Charging Stations

With a futuristic vision, the founders of Variate have promoted VHIL electric, exclusively for EV Charging and Product Innovation.
VHIL has joined hands with Magenta as Business Development Associates.
Magenta Chargegrid is India’s largest EV charging network who, manufactures AC & DC chargers in India.

The product range includes AC & DC EV chargers with product range starting from 3.3 kW, 11 kW, 30kw, 50kW, 60 kW & 120 KW. The chargers have compatibility for
e-Cycles, e-Bikes, e-Cars, e-Trucks & e-Buses.

What we Do for You

  • EV Charging Station design with infrastructure
  • Supply, Install & Maintain Charging Stations
  • Access to Charging Management Dashboard
    and Mobile App
  • Charging Solutions for Fleets
  • Charging Solutions for Residential, Work Spaces
    and Commercial Spaces